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Founded in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi, the Alessi brand has been at the forefront of innovative and inspired product design for nearly a century.


Passed to his son Alberto, who collaborated with artist Salvador Dali, and in turn, to his grandson Carlo, who runs the brand today, Alessi is the name behind a dynasty of cult objects that continue to surprise and delight in the 21st Century.


The Anna G. corkscrew, whose curved silhouette and smiling face is rumoured to be inspired by designer Allesandro Mendini’s ex-girlfriend, and Philippe Stark’s Juicy Salif lemon squeezer, an alien-esque design that can be found in New York’s Museum of Modern Art, are just two of the iconic products upon which the brand’s legacy is anchored.

Luxury Solutions exclusively represents Alessi in the Middle-East and Africa regions (except Israel, Turkey and Morocco).


Vaincourt, a Parisian brand that designs and creates leather belts for both women and men with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, right from sourcing the skins until the finishing touches all done by the skilled hands of our artisans.


Vaincourt’s styles combine creative high-fashion pieces and contemporary classics with the same brilliance and finish of other global luxury belt-makers/fashion brands today while maintaining an affordable price point in comparison.

Ever since the brand's inception in 2011, Vaincourt has been fortunate to have recognition and coverage by leading publications both online and offline such as Vogue, Vogue Arabia, Marie France, Madame Figaro, Cosmoplitan and many more.

Luxury Solutions exclusively represents Vaincourt in the Middle-East.

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Natural beauty, delicate colors, harmony..., jewels inspired by nature that take shape through porcelain, an original material that makes each jewel a unique piece.

Jewelry rooted in years of experience in exploring new aesthetic paths for artistic porcelain and in the talent of creators who make the search for excellence and innovation the raison d'être of their work. Each Lladró jewelry piece is a small work of art handmade in Valencia, Spain, by the expert craftsmen of the brand.

Luxury Solutions exclusively represents Lladró Jewellery in the GCC.


Housed in the Parisian hotel of the same name, Bourrienne Paris X was founded in 2017 by Charles Beigbeder and Cécile Faucheur with an aim to reinterpret a true wardrobe staple – the white shirt.


Each piece is inspired by respected Frenchmen including Napoleon Bonaparte, Victor Hugo and Chateaubriand, all of whom were guests in the hotel, and features period details which date from the 15th century up until the modern day. Expect sophisticated silhouettes rendered in crisp poplins and refined linens, reinvented each season with various collars, breastplates and cuffs.

Luxury Solutions exclusively represents Bourrienne Paris X in the Middle-East, Levant and India.

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Ateliers Victor, is a Parisian Maison d’Arts founded in 2014. We imagine and create exceptional pieces for clients that seek the extraordinary in an ordinary world.


All of the clients’ personal stories, anecdotes and memories are turned into materials to create a truly unique masterpiece complemented by subtle symbols and hidden details that transform each creation into a piece-unique to the owner’s eyes. 

At Ateliers Victor, we work with the most precious of leathers, exotic wood, eco-responsible fur and expertly blend these noblest of materials with our expert craftsmanship to create sculptures, furniture, bags, car, yacht and plane interiors with the only limit being our client’s imagination.


We have no sewing machine nor industrial machine in their atelier! Each piece is from start to finish entirely made by hand. 

Luxury Solutions represents Ateliers-Victor in the Middle-East.

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